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I am Michael Burns.  Not quite the same ring as if my name were “Spartacus” but it is a fact.  I am a Realtor who works all over the Wasatch front, but 90% of the homes and properties I sell are in North Utah County.  When I am not serving clients I stay busy as a dad of 8 kids, a husband to one wife (figured I had best clarify…the ‘8 kids’ sometimes raises questions), and Scoutmaster to a great troop.  I am blessed with adult onset ADHD and enjoy the un-medicated lifestyle.

Due to my far ranging interests you can read posts here that will cover:

  • Home Improvement tips for the lazy
  • Decorating tips from the untalented
  • Gardening tips
  • Architecture
  • Real Estate stuff
  • Money saving ideas
  • Reviews of businesses in the area
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • and anything else that catches my fancy

In all honesty, this is a project that I am doing for my self.  I happily invite you to join me or make suggestions which I will consider and give you credit for if I remember to do so.

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