Should you move?

Over the years I have helped many people sell their home and buy another for a pile of different reasons.  Several times I have talked people out of moving because upon closer inspection it was not the best decision for them.  Hopefully this list will help you think more clearly about whether moving is the right thing for you.

Important Factors to Consider Before Moving

  1. Income:  What are your income prospects for the near and long term?  Is your current business or employer turning a profit?
  2. Job Stability (Geographic) – What is the likelihood that your employer may want you to relocate?  It may make sense to put out some feelers to determine if you will be moving out of the area.
  3. Family Size:  Will you be growing or shrinking?  I have seen families move to a big house to accommodate a bunch of teenagers and it seems like in the blink of an eye, they are all gone!
  4. Marriage Stability:  Moving is not without stress.  If your marriage is not at 100% why tax it?  Spend the money on some good counseling and get happy first.  Then make the move.
  5. Current Housing Situation:  I have seen situations where with just a few tweaks the existing home may be the perfect home.  Figure out if you can make a few changes to be happier where you are.
  6. Long-Term Goals:  Where do you want to put your time and money? Do you want a big yardthat you take care of or would you rather look out at the HOA park and never mow again? Do you value travel more than your house?  Do you want to move away from an area soon?
  7. Real Estate Values:  If a move is right, are you moving into an area where values are moving up or is the area declining?  Never forget, you will have to sell the new house someday, and hopefully someone else will want it!
  8. Family and Friends:  Can you bear to leave your close family and friends?  For some people 1 block is not close enough, and for others one state is not far enough away.
  9. Schools:  What schools are available?  Do they meet your idea of what you value?
  10. Commute Time:  Nothing dings your lifestyle like sitting in your car for 2 or 3 hours a day.  Even the best seat in a car is not as good as your favorite chair at home!

Of course no list is comprehensive, but hopefully this one will help you in your decision making process.  If you need a third party to go through all of this with you, never hesitate to call me.  I am happy to help!

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